TruVine Interview - Q&A

1: tell me about the name TruVine and what inspired you to start the business?
Mary Rudolph discovered TruVine apparel in June 2013.The name of TruVine comes from John 15: 1 where God states he is the True Vine.  God gave me the vision of growth for his people. God lead me to John 15, I began to read the whole chapter, but distinct scriptures held my interest. John 15: 1-8, which explains that God is the True Vine and we are the branches and the leaves. In order to be a fruitful (successful) believer we have to stay connected to the vine to grow. The passages of John 15: 1-8, stuck with me and apart from the vine, we can do nothing. TruVine is here to tell youth to adults that it does not matter if you are a babe in the word of God or an adult in the word of God, all that matters is you STAY IN THE VINE. Staying in the vine promotes growth in God. God really put it on my heart that he is not only concern with the spirit of man, but he is concern with the holistic growth of man. God wants his people to be their best selves. God wants us to have balance and to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
1a: how would you describe your apparel and what makes it stand out from other faith-based apparel companies? 
I would describe TruVine apparel as edgy, bold, and impactful. What makes TruVine standout is the simplicity of the words and designs. Many companies put a whole scripture on a tee shirt, but TruVine reads scripture and God Gives TruVine the image of what the scripture is saying. TruVine is more like instagram where a picture or phrase says it all and other faith based companies are similar to Facebook...they need more words to convey their message. What makes TruVine stand out from other faith- based apparel is TruVine makes Christian streetwear and TruVine appeals to the Christian Hip-Hip and urban culture. 
1b: how many people are a part of the TruVine brand? 
Thus far TruVine is made up of one person (Mary Rudolph) who is the owner and founder of TruVine. TruVine has been open for one year. TruVine will be searching for interns who can help TruVine market through social media and photography.

2: what were some of the challenges you faced when starting the company?
The challenges were finding printing companies who want to work with a faith based company.  Believe it or not I went to several companies before I found a company that would design TruVine. Many printing companies were Telling me I cannot do this or they cannot do that...I was wondering what am I paying the company for. 

3: how did you work through the challenges?
Lots and lots of prayer and asking God to lead me to a company that would design TruVine the way he gave me the vision. 

4: what is the most rewarding thing about running the business TruVine?
 The Ultimate reward is being able to share God through apparel and to reach people who never thought wearing faith based clothing could ever be cool. It's exhilarating to say the see customers happy and satisfied with TruVine is priceless.

5: what is your daily inspiration?
Jesus is the daily inspiration. There is no other way to run a faith based company without God at the center. I am inspired to bring God the harvest of the people and to win souls for the Kingdom of God. 

6: what can customers look forward to in 2015 with your brand?
Customers can look forward to the Faith Gang Series. Faith Gang is a tee that most people like, but want to see in different colors, so TruVine is going to start designing Faith Gang in different colors and apparel.